The old “Ordinariate Expats” blog is being suspended

Now that this blog and the Society’s website are fully up and running, the regular update of “Ordinariate News (from the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society)” – the former Ordinariate Expats blog/website –  is being suspended. You will find all the material you otherwise expected there (and much more!) on this new blog. The old site will be maintained as an archive.

Already we have two authors on this new blog (Deborah Gyapong and myself, David Murphy) and we are in the process of recruiting many more, who will provide us with a rich variety of posts from multiple perspectives.

It may interest you to read some of the most important parts of our blog policy:

    • All ACS blog authors are members of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society.
    • Original articles, reblogged items and comment on the blog should deal with subjects which concern the Anglican patrimony, the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church, the Ordinariates, the Pastoral Provision, ecumenism with Anglican churches, and related matters. We are not a forum for more general Catholic topics if they do not have an obvious Anglican connection.
    • Blog posts should be supportive of the Ordinariates and Pastoral Provision communities and have a positive, constructive tenor. Criticism can be made wisely (and sparingly) but always with a constructive undertone.
    • Readers’ comments will be enabled. These will however be vetted first and must comply with the above criteria before being approved. Comments will not be allowed to degenerate into an argument between commenters.

We hope you have come to or will come to enjoy this blog and encourage you to join the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society yourself and support our work to promote the Anglican patrimony in the Catholic Church. You will find a membership form on our website.

5 thoughts on “The old “Ordinariate Expats” blog is being suspended

    • Hello, no, I think I’ll keep Foolishness alive, though I admit I have not been active lately. I have some pictures from the recent Baptism of our newest member of our parish family and maybe I’ll reserve Foolishness for those foolish things that are not ordinariate-related.
      Thanks for coming on by and commenting!


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