Most Precious Blood flooring appeal

Last Saturday a message was posted on the facebook page of the Church of the Most Precious Blood, London, calling for donations to their flooring appeal. The following is taken from their website:

One Square metre = £100

  • In 2013, £55,000 was raised from the congregation to install the underfloor heating system over the top of the existing concrete floor.
  • The heating tiles form a temporary floor on which a new limestone floor now needs to be laid. (Painting the walls and lighting will follow.)
  • The current appeal has raised almost £80,000 which includes an amount of up to £40,000 for the installation costs of the stone flooring and to create ramps to make the building fully accessible.
  • We still require another £38,000 to buy the stone for the flooring.
  • Each square metre of stone flooring will cost £100
  • We need to purchase 384 square metres of stone.

If you would like to help in this beautification project, you should follow the link above to the MPB website. Any donation will be welcomed.

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