More on Atonement and Fr. Phillips

Shane Shaetzel at Catholic in the Ozarks has a blog post up about the news that Our Lady of Atonement is now part of the Ordinariate—and what it means that Fr. Phillips is now Pastor-emeritus.

Go on over and read the whole thing.  Here’s an excerpt.  By the way, Shane is a member of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society board of directors and full of great ideas.

As pastor emeritus, Fr. Phillips will re-assume the exact same pastoral roles he previously had over the parish and the school, minus administrative roles. This is for very practical reasons. The process of transferring OLA from an Archdiocesan to an Ordinariate parish will be long and tedious. Financially untangling OLA from the Archdiocese will be no easy task. It’s one of the Archdiocese’ largest parishes, one of its more substantial financial contributors, and is undergoing a major construction project with loans currently guaranteed by the Archdiocese. So untangling OLA from the Archdiocese of San Antonio is going to be a full-time job in itself, for people with expert financial wisdom, who are used to handling this sort of thing. Responsibility for this has been given to Ordinariate priest Fr. Timothy Perkins, who will act as the parish administrator from afar — at the Ordinariate chancery in Houston. For all practical purposes, on a pastoral level, Fr. Phillips is still the man in charge at OLA.

In addition to Rome’s decree that OLA enter the Ordinariate, Rome has also decreed that all remaining “Anglican Use Pastoral Provision” parishes and communities be transferred to the Ordinariate as well. (I am only aware of one other parish that meets this specification — the Congregation of St Athanasius in Boston, Massachusetts.) Once these communities are transferred the “Anglican Use Pastoral Provision” will effectively cease to exist and become a page for the history books.

Go on over and read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “More on Atonement and Fr. Phillips

  1. As the bloggers should already be aware of , ” the Congregation of St Athanasius in Boston, Massachusetts” is already the home base of St. Gregory the Great … a gracious concession by Father Bradford in alignment with both Bishop Lopes of the Ordinariate and Bishop Sean of the Archdiocese of Boston.


    • I am more than a little concerned about that arrangement. I have no doubt that the two communities are much stronger united than separate, but they worshipping at the long-time location of the Congregation of St. Athanasius — which is about a thirty mile drive from the place where the members of St. Gregory the Great first came into the church. It is not exactly convenient for the latter group, even with the relatively light traffic that’s typical in eastern Massachusetts on Sunday mornings. I continue to pray, especially for both the growth of the combined community and for the struggles of those for whom the distance poses a significant hardship.



      • Norm —- It appears to be a matter of survival of “Anglicanism within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Boston”… in spite of all of Father Richard Bradford’s efforts unfortunately the original “Pastoral Use” community was dwindling by the week and when the Pastor of St. Gregory the Great retired the Ordinariate group was left in limbo. Hence Father Bradford who had spent many a Sunday morning serving both groups – his and theirs — agreed with both of the concerned Bishops to take the Ordinariate members under his wing.

        Now living in Boston and ex-communicating myself from the Ordinariate and back to regular Catholic life —- things were just getting too Anglican messy for me ! — I do however remain as a friend of Saint A.’s . For more details I am sure that Steve D. etc. could answer these via private communication …. Vi formerly from Maine,


  2. Perhaps when Fr Bradford retires and is replaced by an OCSP priest the worship location will be reconsidered. Its inaccessibility seems to have been an obstacle to the parish’s growth over the last twenty years, before we add the hardship posed to the incoming St Gregory the Great members.


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