St. Gregory’s reports on Fr. Paul Wattson’s cause for Canonisation

The website of the Ordinariate community of St. Gregory the Great, currently worshipping with the Congregation of St. Athanasius in Boston, reports on the progress made in the cause for canonisation of Fr. Paul Wattson, the founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement as well as the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and a precursor of the Ordinariates. You can read the complete article and find the link to the report of the Catholic News Agency here. This is an excerpt from the post:

Father Paul and Mother Lurana were Episcopalian Anglocatholics who founded Franciscan-charism orders at Garrison NY in the late 19th century on the Holy Mountain of Graymoor: these two founders with their male and female orders of the Society of the Atonement became, in 1909, the first “groups of Anglicans” — or indeed any Protestants — to be corporately received into the Roman Catholic Church since the sixteenth century, exactly a century before Pope Benedict issued Anglicanorum Coetibus. They therefore are very much the spiritual fore-bearers of the Ordinariate. When Saint Gregory the Great made its 2015 retreat at Graymoor, the Divine Worship Mass celebrated by our then-Ordinary, Monsignor Steenson, became the first Ordinariate liturgy Mass to be celebrated on that site, and at the same Altar where Father Paul celebrated Mass: we are blessed and honored to have been associated with these holy people and their Apostolate in this remarkable way.

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