Cardinal Sarah’s address at Herzogenrath

Cardinal Robert Sarah,  unable to attend personally,  submitted a paper to the Colloquium “The Source of the Future” (“Quelle der Zukunft”on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by Pope Benedict XVI, March 29 – April 1, 2017 in Herzogenrath, near Aachen (Germany)

Catholic World Report has an English translation of the text.   Here’s an excerpt:

The serious crisis of faith, not only at the level of the Christian faithful but also and especially among many priests and bishops, has made us incapable of understanding the Eucharistic liturgy as a sacrifice, as identical to the act performed once and for all by Jesus Christ, making present the Sacrifice of the Cross in a non-bloody manner, throughout the Church, through different ages, places, peoples and nations. There is often a sacrilegious tendency to reduce the Holy Mass to a simple convivial meal, the celebration of a profane feast, the community’s celebration of itself, or even worse, a terrible diversion from the anguish of a life that no longer has meaning or from the fear of meeting God face to face, because His glance unveils and obliges us to look truly and unflinchingly at the ugliness of our interior life. But the Holy Mass is not a diversion. It is the living sacrifice of Christ who died on the cross to free us from sin and death, for the purpose of revealing the love and the glory of God the Father. Many Catholics do not know that the final purpose of every liturgical celebration is the glory and adoration of God, the salvation and sanctification of human beings, since in the liturgy “God is perfectly glorified and men are sanctified” (Sacrosanctum Concilium, n. 7). Most of the faithful—including priests and bishops—do not know this teaching of the Council. Just as they do not know that the true worshippers of God are not those who reform the liturgy according to their own ideas and creativity, to make it something pleasing to the world, but rather those who reform the world in depth with the Gospel so as to allow it access to a liturgy that is the reflection of the liturgy that is celebrated from all eternity in the heavenly Jerusalem. As Benedict XVI often emphasized, at the root of the liturgy is adoration, and therefore God.

5 thoughts on “Cardinal Sarah’s address at Herzogenrath

  1. “We are not a forum for more general Catholic topics if they do not have an obvious Anglican connection”. This would seem to be inconsistent with this policy. So what? except that we don’t need another chapter of the Cardinal Sarah Fan Club, which is well-represented elsewhere on the web.


    • I should perhaps point out that the Liturgical Conference in Herzogenrath featured a presentation of “Divine Worship – The Missal” by Bishop Steven Lopes and a celebration of the Divine Worship liturgy (a post will follow soon). Two members of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society Board of Directors were present – Professor Hans-Jürgen Feulner KSG, member of the “Anglicanae traditiones” commission which drew up “Divine Worship”, and myself, ACS President. It is in this context that we have reported on Cardinal Sarah’s address.

      David Murphy


  2. Wow…EPMS chill a bit, okay? Major fora covering developments in the Roman Rite absolutely should be of interest to Ordinariate Catholics, since you too are part of the Roman Rite. The health and orthodoxy of the Church’s Western liturgy ends up impacting all Catholics…even Eastern Catholics, for good or ill. I applaud the inclusion of the Sarah article on this site.


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