The Portal – April 2017

The April edition of The Portal magazine has been put online today and you can read it by clicking on the cover photograph below (or in the side bar) and then following the tab “Read The Portal”.

In this issue you will find:

  • Joanna Bogle on Southwark and history
  • Fr David Mawson on Passiontide: The Four Crosses
  • Fr Mark Woodruff: “Talitha, qum” he said
  • Fr Simon Ellis on ‘Restricted Access?’
  • Fr Julian Green on The Great Week
  • Dr Stephen Morgan – Thoughts on Newman
  • Ronald Crane on EMPT at Walsingham
  • St Augustine, Pugin and the English Christian Patrimony
  • Donato Tallo: We must be true to the Catechism
  • Jonathan Crear and Thomas Mason: “Our time at Oscott”
  • Christopher Smith on Music for the masses
  • Arnold Herron on Good News from the USA
  • Geoffrey Kirk finds a common thread!
    . . . and much more.

You will also find all previous issues of THE PORTAL on the Archive Page

Happy Reading!

1 thought on “The Portal – April 2017

  1. Again on the subject of evangelism, Arnold Herron states fairly decisively in his article on p 23 of this month’s The Portal that “Ordinariate groups throughout the country have discovered the near impossibility of engaging in any meaningful Evangelisation at the local level without a building of one’s own”. Really? Surely we have evidence to the contrary.


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