Great posts by Fr. Ed Tomlinson

Father Ed Tomlinson has put some great posts up recently over at Father Ed’s Blog in England.  Here’s a quote from one recent post that I repost here to give us some food for thought.   My emphases.

Every Christian must ultimately choose; fidelity to Christ or the fallen thinking of this world. To Christ or to distorted pleasures of the flesh. To Christ or a path of selfishness and evil. To be Christian involves taking up the cross but when the moment comes many discover it uncomfortable and heavy to bear. So they drop it.

At this point, knowingly or not, people opt for Christianity lite. An attempt to hold onto aspects of the faith but minus the cross. Following Christ on their terms or else the world’s terms but not his. Jesus might have said X about a certain moral issue but I believe it can and will be Y!! Passionate appeals seek to justify this abandonment of key aspects of faith, often centred on false understanding of mercy, but ultimately a price must be paid. That price is supernatural grace.

Which is why Christianity lite, some call it modernism or liberalism, fails to convince. Statistics show it ever leads to collapse and haemorrhaging of followers. Those on this path become ever more worldly and the teachings of scripture ever less relevant. The institutional life remains but with crucial gifts of grace lacking. You cannot serve two masters and Jesus is no longer being served. Your conscience and beliefs unseated him from his throne of glory when they trumped his Word.

This moment of decision comes with extra force to clergy because the devil delights in their ruination. And which cleric doesn’t face huge pressure to conform to the world? Do they preach the Gospel in fulness, and risk upsetting those uncomfortable with God’s truth, or water it down and become people pleasers/ smooth politicians? Too often today the wrong decision is made and, bit by bit, clergy lose supernatural grace. They wave goodbye to zeal and passion and become administrators and community workers, counsellors and confidants but no longer true and obvious servants of Jesus Christ. The interior light is dimmed.

Wow. Yes. Amen!

For us lay Catholics, what are the ways we allow our interior light to be dimmed?  Through holding grudges?  Failing to forgive? Allowing ourselves to become frustrated? Venting?  Taking in and accepting the thinking of the world?



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