You might be Ordinariate if ….

Andrea posted the following over at Facebook’s Anglican Ordinariate Informal Conversation Forum:

Weekend funny –

You might be Ordinariate if…

Comments please!

The comments are hilarious.  The Forum is a closed group—posts are for member’s only so I cannot reproduce them here.  Maybe some will migrate over here to re-post theirs.


12 thoughts on “You might be Ordinariate if ….

  1. I’ll start: If you hear “The Lord be with you.” and have trouble responding.

    “And also with you… Wait… No. And with your spirit. No! Um, I’ve got this… And with thy spirit! Yes!”


  2. If you have a drawer full of rosaries/chaplets and you have trouble finding one that’s Catholic, because you’ve been praying the Anglican rosary for years.


  3. When you constantly have to explain that you are really Catholic and not Episcopalian…

    Me: We have the Catholic faith with Anglican hymns and prayers.

    Them: So do believe in transubstantiation?
    Me: Yes. If it’s part of the Catholic faith, we believe it.
    Them: How about fasting before Eucharist?
    Me: Well, it’s part of the faith, right?
    Them: Yes.
    Me: Then we do that.
    Them: Lent?
    Me: Yes.
    Them: Mary?
    Me: Yes.
    Them: Priesthood celibacy?
    Me: Yes.
    Them: But your leader is married.
    Me: He received a dispensation from the Pope since he converted.
    Them: I don’t get it. That sounds Protestant to me.
    Me: Sigh….


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