Tampa Bay Ordinariate group forming

We’ve been asked to post information about this new group forming in Florida.

Here’s an excerpt of news from the site:

Philip Mayer, who formerly served as an Episcopal priest before becoming Catholic, was recently asked by the director of vocations and clergy development of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter to begin seeking to establish a community in the Tampa Bay area with the goal of building a parish. Once the community has been formed, Philip will, God willing, be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in order to say Mass for the new community and to lead it to becoming a parish.

We would like to invite you to come and celebrate Pentecost and pray with us for the formation of this community by joining us for Evensong (chanted evening prayer) and a potluck Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 5:00 PM at St. Mary Catholic Church, 15520 North Blvd, Tampa. Children are welcome.

We wish this new community well!   Please send us some pictures to post!

There is a lovely picture of Philip Mayer and his family over at the site.

We wish you every spiritual blessing in Christ!

11 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Ordinariate group forming

  1. It seems clear that former clergy who did not bring parishioners with them and who are seeking ordination in the OCSP are now being urged to gather a group, presumably as a pre-condition. I think this emphasis on OCSP congregation-building is a good thing. Presently about a quarter of active OCSP clergy are in diocesan ministry or military chaplaincy, which however important for the Church is not doing much for the Ordinariate. About a dozen retired clergy also did not lead a group. Most OOLW clergy minister in diocesan parishes with an Ordinariate group, if any, very much of an afterthought. The failure to thrive of the OOLW can, I think, be traced to this pattern. It is good that the OCSP is looking at a different model.


  2. Yes, the Pastoral Provision had a two year preparation perid. Presumably that is why many clergy bypassed that in favour of the OCSP, which has no such requirement.


      • We established in exchanges long ago that OCSP clergy did/do no follow-up education after ordination, or at least no mandated education.


  3. I am delighted to hear this news. I am currently a member of the Ordinariate through St Luke’s in Bladensburg, MD. I am active in St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Holiday, FL. Hover I attend Sunday Mass once a month in Orlando at Incarnation Catholic Church a Church of the Ordinariate. But Orlando is 2 1/2 hours away but well worth the trip.

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  4. On rereading, I do see that Bp Lopes is saying fairly definitely that two years of formation is now the practice in the OCSP, though it was not under the previous regime. No former Anglican clergyman without a group has been ordained since, I believe, Fr Kennedy in 2015. And he did leave TEC in 2013.


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