Fr. Glenn Baaten is the new chaplain of the Christian Family Movement in Orange County

Ordinariate priest Father Glenn Baaten has accepted the role as Chaplain for the joint CFM group in Orange County, California (St. Joseph Catholic Church, Placentia & Blessed John Henry Newman Catholic Church, Irvine). Chapter leader Greg Herr has written:

“With over a decade as a Presbyterian pastor and now as a Catholic priest, Fr. Glenn brings enormous experience and wisdom (not to mention, pastoral enthusiasm!) to his vocation as priest, father, friend, husband. Along with his wife, Cathy, Fr Glenn will encourage us in our vocation as marrieds, remind us of our calling, and let us know what is on his mind about married/family life in the Church. He will also offer a pastoral blessing reinforcing our commitment to Christ and the Church. We will plan to have Fr. Glenn (and Cathy, if available) visit us annually as part of CFM, pray with and for us, and bless us.”

from the CFM website:

Christian Family Movement is a national network of parish/neighborhood small groups of families. Through the use of programming available from the CFM USA Office and the dynamics of small group interaction, Christian values are reinforced and families are encouraged to reach out in action to others.

The CFM group consists of five to seven families with the adults meeting regularly in each other’s homes, or at the parish. Through the use of CFM’s many different programs, members discuss what they have observed in their own family or community, judge what they have seen in the light of Jesus’ teaching, and then act to change things for the better.

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