Father Z on Anglicans and Anglicanorum coetibus

Father Zuhlsdorf has a blog post up concerning the latest moves of the Church of England regarding proposals to re-christen people who have had sex change operations.

You can over to Father Z’s to read the post here.   He mentions Anglicanorum coetibus, though the rest is tongue in cheek:

Hence it is time for me to call once again for the Anglicans at long last – at very long last – to issue their groundbreaking and courageous document

Romanorum coetibus!

A few year ago, the Pope of Christian Unity, Benedict XVI, gave us Anglicanorum coetibus by which former Anglicans are welcomed into the Catholic Church and they can retain their heritage.  Their ranks are growing and they are exercising a wonderful enrichment of the whole Roman Church.

Even more urgent today is the need for the Church of England to issue their own document Romanorum coetibus, by which they can welcome into their “ecclesial community” all the dissident Catholics who, rebelling against the Magisterium, desire to keep their most treasured customs.  There in the embrace of the Anglicans they can have their clay pot chalices and burlap banners, their ditties and rainbow stoles, free from the interferences of patriarchal oppression… or now fixed genders or sexes!  Under Romanorum coetibus these folks could maintain their cherished 60’s music, progress to the ordination of women and openly – more openly – pray to the earthmothergoddess… all without the spirit-repressing domination of masculine and gender-particular Rome! When everything is a moving target, then by golly it’s the C of E for you.  What a great contribution those newly rechristened Anglicans could offer!


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