More on the “ecumenism of hate”

Michael Sean Winters has a piece at the National Catholic Reporter responding to Fr. Raymond J. de Souza’s piece at Crux responding to that La Civilta Cattolica article.

Winters writes:

Way back in 2006 Damon Linker wrote a book called The Theocons that examined the phenomenon of conservative religious leaders reducing religion to ethics and thence to politics, concentrating on such conservative, and non-crackpot, luminaries as the late Fr. Richard Neuhaus. It was Neuhaus who spearheaded the “Catholics and Evangelicals Together” effort of the 1990s. The “ecumenism of hate” that Spadaro and Figueroa identify may make de Souza uncomfortable, but it is not a figment of their imagination.

Fr. de Souza writes regularly for one of the journals, the National Catholic Register, that advances the conservative Catholic and evangelical alliance rooted in the politics of abortion and gay marriage among other items. I just went to their website yesterday and there are four articles hostile to the LGBT community on the homepage, three of them attacking Jesuit Fr. Jim Martin, for daring to suggest that Catholics should reach out to the LGBT community. One post highlights the conflation of religion and politics, if not in an explicitly theocratic state, something closer to that than the separation embedded in our Constitution: “Pray for Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire and Repent.”

Most interesting.

I would ask Mr. Winters if he thinks sexual morality should be divorced from politics.

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