News on upcoming meeting in Australia

The Catholic Leader in Australia has an advance story on the upcoming patronal festival of Our Lady of the Southern Cross at the end of this month:

Monsignor Keith Newton, of the Ordinariate in the United Kingdom, Bishop Steven Lopes, of the Ordinariate in the United States, and Australia’s own Ordinary Monsignor Harry Entwistle will meet in Brisbane at the end of August for their first gathering in Australia.


East Brisbane ordinariate priest Fr Tony Iball said the meeting of the three ordinaries in Brisbane was significant for the Australian ordinariate’s fifth anniversary celebrations.

“Celebrating our fifth anniversary with the three ordinaries being present and coinciding with our annual clergy residential meeting helps us to focus on the importance of Pope Benedict XVI’s invitation in Anglicanorum Coetibus for Anglicans to come into full communion with the Catholic Church and the Holy Father,” Fr Iball said.

Fr Iball said the meeting would also be a sign of hope to groups and individuals who seek to unite with the Catholic Church.

“Our gathering and celebrations will also focus on the hope that the establishment of the ordinariates in America, the UK and Australia should not be seen as one-off experiences but should give encouragement by example to other groups seeking unity with the Universal Church and those interested in ecumenism generally to continue seeking unity among Christians after many centuries of division,” he said.

The meeting of the three ordinaries will coincide with a public lecture on the future of ecumenism by Queensland-born theologian and former Anglican, Professor Tracey Rowland on August 30 and a Mass on the Solemnity of Our Lady of the Southern Cross on August 31.

If I were retired and had a big pot of money set aside for travel, or a wealthy benefactor, I would definitely go to this.

I will watch from afar and try to have as much information as I can on the event.

I highly recommend Tracey Rowland’s Catholic Theology (Doing Theology).   

1 thought on “News on upcoming meeting in Australia

  1. 1. Sounds like a great event!
    2. Based on your previous post on the same, I bought and have been greatly enjoying Rowland’s book. Thanks for the recommendation!
    3. If the CDF could just go ahead and approve our Daily Office… that’d be greeeat. (cue Bill Lumbergh from Office Space)


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