Welcoming a new member! O Happy Day!

UPDATED:   Adds link to Fr. Doug Hayman’s sermon.


This morning, our Parish, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, welcomed a new member into the Catholic Church.  Heather, flanked by her sons and sponsors Bennett and Zach, is an old friend I met years ago when we both attended Kanata Baptist.  In the above photo she makes her profession of faith.

Zach and Bennett came to us via Augustine College, where Fr. Doug Hayman is chaplain and teaches Scripture.   Heather had home-educated both young men and well-prepared them to enter the college, which is a one year program on the foundations of Western Civilization in an ecumenical Christian faith community.

I can’t recommend Augustine College highly enough.  But I digress from the joyous occasion this morning.   When Heather and Fr. Doug chose this date, neither had any idea of what the readings would be.  So, what a beautiful surprise from the Holy Spirit that they included Isaiah 22:19-23 and Matthew 16:13-20 —Old and New Testament verses that explain the role of Peter as the Rock upon which Christ founds his Church; and the keeper of the keys.

Heather also received the Seal of the Holy Ghost in Confirmation.


As usual, Fr. Doug’s sermon—they tend to be a little longer and more in depth than one would expect in a homily—tied everything together beautifully.    As I often say, why people are not lining up around the corner to get in to hear him, I don’t know.  He’s amazing.


We usually have a great breakfast after Mass, but today was special.   Heather had two cakes to cut.


A moment for grace, with her husband Paul and her youngest son, Joe and grandson Thomas.    And here’s the whole family.



Joe, Alice, her husband Bennett, Heather, Paul, Thomas and Zach.   Alice is also a graduate of Augustine College, as is Haley, another one of our parishioners.  Her dad Jonathan is Augustine’s webmaster, and ours as well.

What a happy, happy day to welcome a new member into the Catholic Church and into our little, joyful band.


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