Good news from St. John Vianney parish in Texas


St. John Vienney parish in Cleburne, Texas has just bought a parcel of land where it hopes to build a church and Fr. Christopher Stainbrook recently signed the first payment check on the property.


On Oct. 1, parishioners are invited to “take a stroll” on the new property, the website says.   Thanks to a reader for an email advising me of this development!

This is exciting news for this parish, which has been meeting in a local elementary school.

Other news on their website I found intriguing is this:

After reading the article about the Sacred Heart in June issues of the SJV Weekly Email, several of our parishioners have decided to consecrate their families in a special way by enthroning  the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their homes.  If you would like to consecrate your home to the Sacred Heart, and want to plan an enthronement celebration, please see Father Stainbrook. (Photos are from the Enthronement Ceremony of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the LoPalo’s home last Sunday)

What a great idea!

Not sure exactly what liturgy Fr. Stainbrook used for this, but you can find information about enthroning the Sacred Heart in a home on the internet.  Catholic Culture has details here;, has this information here:

Enthronement Preparation

A day is chosen for the Enthronement ceremony which has a special signification for the family, (a marriage anniversary, for example) or an appropriate liturgical feast day, or a day on which a priest can be present, when possible.

The better and more serious the preparation for the Enthronement, the greater will be the blessings on the family coming from this event. This preparation can be extended over three days (a triduum), or over nine days (a novena). It could consist of recitation of the litany of the Sacred Heart, along with the following preparatory prayer:


O Divine Heart of Jesus,/ come dwell among us,/ for we love Thee./ Visit our home/ as once Thou didst come/ to Thy friends at Cana,/ Bethany,/ and the home of Zachaeus, the publican. We wish to place our family/ under Thy care,/ and bring it into intimate union/ with Thee,/ O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thou art our most faithful Friend. No one has ever loved us/ as Thou hast done. And we wish to love Thee/ for those who do not love Thee,/ as Thou art our God and Savior. Thou art also our Lord and King. Since so many scorn/ Thy kingly might,/ we desire to call it down/ upon our family. Take Thou possession/ of this hearth,/ where we shall reserve/ a throne as a place of honor for Thee.

Grant that the day of Enthronement be/ both for our family, and for Thee,/ a day of great joy/ and the beginning of our life/ truly in submission/ and intimate union with Thee. All our thoughts and actions must be/ in harmony with Thy Sacred Law. We wish to cast aside/ our disordered self-love/ and to love our neighbor/ as Thou hast loved us,/ and dost continue to love us.

Living in a world/ which has for the most part become/ once again pagan,/ and no longer knows Thee,/ O Divine Heart of Jesus,/ we ask of Thy gracious presence/ the charity of the first Christians,/ of the Apostles,/ and of the Martyrs. Grant that by this household,/ which seeks to belong/ to Thee completely,/ other families may embrace Thy charity/ and that thus from family to family/ the entire globe may submit to Thy Royalty.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary,/ perfect model of fidelity to Our Lord/ and of union with Him,/ extend and strengthen,/ within our hearts and our families/ the reign of charity, the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.

Our priests have, over the years, done house blessings.  Fr. Doug Hayman did two in the last six months.


Years ago, a local restaurant owner asked Fr. Carl Reid to bless his business.

Now, where to find a beautiful image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, or a lovely statue?

When I was in Rome, I ducked into a church near the Pantheon to pray the Rosary and saw this, which I thought beautiful.

IMG_20170522_170256 (1)



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