If you want news on this blog . . .

I got a comment from EPMS which I am not going to post because he/she refuses to reveal his/her identity.

However, in the comment, he criticizes me for waiting until I hear from someone else before posting Ordinariate-related news on this blog and something to the effect that I don’t do that in my journalistic career so why am I doing it here.

Well, it is because I work full time as a journalist. I am not going to be doing journalism on this blog and, through my efforts alone, turn it into an expanded newsletter for the Ordinariates.   Why?  Because it’s like asking the guy who drives a bus all week to drive a bus on evenings and weekends, too.  Maybe someday when I’m retired, but not now, but even then, I don’t see myself making a daily trek through every website of every Ordinariate community to see if they’ve been updated, or spending hours on the phone to contacts around North America to get the latest scoop, then writing it all up out of the goodness of my heart.

If, however, there are others who would like to take on that role for this blog, I’d be happy to add them to the roster, but they have to be members of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society and while they may use a “handle” for blogging purposes,  we on the ACS board have to know who they are.  So, EPMS, there’s a position open for you if you’d like, but join the Society and give me your real name.

Also,  the purpose of this blog is not to be a newsletter for the Ordinariates, though I certainly welcome news as long as I don’t have to do it.  The purpose of the blog is to further conversation on Anglican patrimony inside and outside the Catholic Church and the other elements which you’ll find on the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society’s website here.  

Given our mission, discussions on evangelization and ecumenism also play a role.  What I hope we do here is spark thought and conversation, build community and help knit together our disparate communities.

Another thing.  There are people who style themselves as journalists simply because they have started a blog.  They start writing about various topics while not paying the least attention to journalistic standards of fairness or objectivity, or, at the very least trying to get differing perspectives on any controversy.   Instead, they count on the unverified accounts of disgruntled people, deliberately misconstrue what other people say or write and deliberately put the worst possible spin on everything.  They traffic in detraction, innuendo, division and discouragement and, since like attract like, they pander to readers who love gossip and tearing other people down.  They weave their biases into their accounts with no effort to differentiate between what is supposed to be fact and what is opinion.

Thankfully, most readers who are not of this ilk spot the negative tone right away and discount these sites even if they do monitor them from time to time.

So, again, I am not attempting to do news on this blog.   If people want to see more news items about their communities, then how about contributing?









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