Do you have an oratory?

IMG_0021Over on Facebook at the Anglican Ordinariate Informal Conversation Forum some members have posted pictures of their oratories.  This picture is from Ellen Jones-Carney’s lovely chapel.  She is a former Solitary Religious of The Episcopal Church who has since joined the Ordinariate. For now,  the Tabernacle is empty.


On Facebook she writes:

Since several of my friends enjoyed the post of pictures of my chapel I thought I would give you a more recent one. The Icon on the far right is the Noli me Tangere; the encounter between Our Lord and St Mary Magdalene on the morning of the Resurrection. It was completed this year.

The small shrine on the left contain the relics of St Clare of Assisi and St Benedict Joseph Labore. Our Lady of Walsingham holds pride of place below.

I am having my icons professionally photographed so as to make Holy cards, note cards and prints made. I am hoping to make some money so as to receive more instruction in iconography.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and interest.


I obtained their permission to repost their photos here.

This is Kyle Barr’s.


This is Richard Kettle’s.


1 thought on “Do you have an oratory?

  1. The first two look like what would be found in a Byzantine Catholic, Melkite Catholic or Eastern Orthodox homes called Kiosks. The others are like Anglican and Lutheran Home Altars. All very nice. Thanx!


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