Mount Calvary Church celebrates 175 years with altar consecration Nov. 11

MC1Please forgive the light blogging as I have been extraordinarily busy with my journalism work in recent days.  However, a Society member Tom Bako from Mount Calvary Parish in Baltimore has come to my rescue with news of this wonderful upcoming celebration Nov. 11 marking the church’s 175th anniversary.

“Founded in 1842, Mount Calvary is one of the most famous historic Anglo-Catholic parishes in America, one known to Bl. John Henry Newman among others,” Tom wrote.

“Prior to its A-C days, Robert E. Lee worshiped there in the 1840s when he was in Baltimore as a U.S. Army colonel,” he said.

“The parish voted in 2010 to separate from the Episcopal Church and become an Anglican Use parish united with Rome,” he wrote. “It has seen a lot of growth and vitality in the last couple of years, with the addition especially of many young families with children. It has most recently added Sunday Evensong to its regular divine services.”

The parish belongs to the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter and was received into the Catholic Church by Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson in January 2012.

“Altar consecrations are of course ‘once in a lifetime’ events in the life of a parish, and this marks the supreme liturgical and hierarchical recognition not only of Mount Calvary as the newest permanent canonical parish in the Ordinariate, but of the fact that it is indeed ‘meet and right’ to offer the Most Holy Mysteries on this beautiful historic altar, now firmly in the bosom of the Catholic Church,” he said. “The liturgy will be, as Fr. Albert Scharbach put it, ‘the Patrimony in overdrive’ — a Solemn Mass in the Divine Worship Form, with full choir (augmented by additional voices for the occasion), singing William Byrd’s Mass among other things.”

“Bishop Lopes will also enclose a newly-acquired first-class relic of St. John of the Cross in the altar,” he said. “Earlier that day at 11 AM, Fr Scharbach will be formally instituted as Pastor of the newly-erected canonical parish of Mount Calvary. The Mass is a vigil that fulfills the Sunday obligation, by the way.”

There’s a lot of interesting history of Mount Calvary at their website and I see they have an active Facebook page as well.

Thanks so much, Tom, for helping us out at the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society blog.   We welcome news from our communities.   We have received some news from the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham as well that we will post soon.

Here’s some more information from the poster Tom provided.


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