The [tenuous] Anglican connection to the author of that letter everyone’s blogging about

If any of my readers follow Twitter and the Catholic blogosphere, the big breaking news story yesterday concerned a letter a Fr Thomas Weinandy, a theological advisor to the United States Conference of Bishops, wrote to Pope Francis last summer and made public yesterday.

The blogosphere lit up like  Christmas trees  in Walmart the day they took down the Halloween decorations.

I first saw the story on Crux and thought, wow, that’s interesting.  Is Crux, which is funded by the Knights of Columbus, trying very hard to be balanced by running this?  I got distracted by other matters, then saw the story was everywhere.

Catholic World Report, one of my favorite daily stops, has the text of the whole letter and an explanation by its author. 

Today,  Fr. Thomas Weinandy was asked to resign 

The point of my post is not to argue  the letter’s merits but to call attention to this little fact about Fr. Weinandy that I came across on Fr. Hunwicke’s blog, (my emphases).

The young Weinandy was taught at Kings, London, by the great Anglican Thomist Canon Professor  Eric Mascall, which gives him a link with our great Anglican Patrimony.



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