This is too good not to post

Even though Fr. Dwight Longenecker is not a member of the Ordinariate, because of his background as a former Anglican priest, I thought while reading this post, this is too deliciously good and, because I can discern a slight Anglican and Catholic connection, I must link to it.

I love it when there’s a man in the house.

What gets me is not the content, but the tone churchy people use these days. It can only be described as sentimental mumbo jumbo. Its become a kind of new Catholic orthodoxy. In the old days prelates inveighed in magisterial tones against heresy, wickedness, dissent and apostasy. They spelled out their disagreements clearly and logically.

Nowadays it’s all the language of “fraternal affection” laced with “deep concern” . things are “noted with sadness”. One never comes out and accuses anyone of anything clearly. Instead there are a lot of “perhaps” and “could be” and “possibly” and “could be construed as”. There are no statements of objective truth instead we have “many people agree” or “after consensus it was decided.”

It all tumbles around in ambiguity and is as slippery as an octopus in oil. Then when they are criticized they say, “Point to something we have said which is not orthodox!” Nothing you have said is unorthodox, but then nothing you have said is orthodox either–because all of it was subjective, sentimental, lukewarm ambiguity.

Onward Christian Soldiers!


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