Where were you when…?

Today’s the anniversary of the publication of Anglicanorum coetibus in 2009.

I am at a national prolife conference all day. If I weren’t otherwise occupied I would write more about how I first heard about the document. The announcement it was coming occurred in October that year.   I was at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops annual plenary. When I returned to my room I had a telephone message from a bishop but it was too late to call him back. It was highly unusual that I would ever get an unsolicited call from this individual. Then I turned on my laptop and had emails from Rome and a link to the announcement. “Does this involve your group?”

I could scarcely believe what I was reading.   A longed for dream suddenly looking like it would come true. The next morning I thought my head would explode with joy.

Can’t write more since I am on my phone but I wonder where you were when you first heard about Anglicanorum coetibus and what was your reaction?


6 thoughts on “Where were you when…?

  1. Oct 20, 2009, sometime in the early evening [PST], Damian Thompson left a cryptic comment online that ‘something’ was about to happen. I couldn’t sleep; checked the net every 15 minutes.

    Then, at 2:30 a.m., simultaneous announcements from London and Rome.

    “…I thought my head would explode with joy.” 🙂

    I left a large note for The Anglican Wife to see first thing when she awoke in the morning.

    It read, ‘The Pope Said Yes.’

    Nov. 4, 2009 codified it.

    With an enthusiastic, cobbled together group of Anglicans and Catholics, we somehow formed, sang Evensong, took catechesis (Evangelium), and, on July 3, 2012 were received as a Catholic community with 17 people. Today, we are about 200 families.


    • I WAS at home ready for my walk along the shores of the Pacific ocean. I had been ordained a priest into the Anglican/Catholic Church Australia just five (5) months earlier. I had an idea that something was going to happen following a meeting of my fellow priests and the then Bishop. I was soooo overjoyed, at long last I was now to be ordained within the Catholic Church. Oh, what joy for myself, wife, family and my brothers and sisters. My call of the Holy Spirit would now be fulfilled. I continue to pray and HOPE. “COME HOLY SPIRIT FILL ME WITH YOUR LOVE”.

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  2. I first heard about Anglicanorum coetibus when I saw the news item in the daily bulletin of the Vatican Information Service (VIS), either later that day or early the next day. I read both the apostolic constitution and the associated complementary norms in their entirety, with a very jubilant heart, as soon as they became available in English on the Vatican’s web site.



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