Good News! Our first podcast!

Members of the Anglicanorum coetibus Society have already been informed that our first podcast is now up on our website here. 

Now is the time to let the rest of you know.

I interview Msgr. Keith Newton about the challenges he faced in setting up the first Ordinariate in uncharted waters; what high points have occurred since the founding of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in 2011 and what challenges remain.  You will find Msgr. Newton most engaging and candid.  Please listen and share this widely.

We also decided to add some music to the podcast.  One piece is by the choir of Atonement Academy in San Antonio, Texas, thanks to the help of Fr. Christopher Phillips.  The second is a piece by The Christopher Mahon Choir, which sang at an recent outreach in Ottawa to the wider Catholic community on the Feast of St. Cecelia, the patron saint of music.

But that’s not all!

Our latest edition of Shared Treasure, the scholarly journal of the Society, is also out, but in order to access the latest copy, you will have to join our mission, which is to promote Anglican patrimony and common identity within the Catholic Church for the salvation and sanctification of souls.

If you enjoy this blog, please consider donating to our cause over at our website or becoming a member with a yearly subscription to help us further our endeavors.



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