4 thoughts on “OLSC Ordo (2018) Available for Download

  1. I didn’t realize the Office Sunday lectionary was on a 2-year cycle. Is this unique to OLSC? The 1961 English Lectionary which OCSP adapted to our calendar is one-year, no?


  2. To answer your question, the Ordo is very complex: yes we do operate under a two yearly cycle (with a number of exceptions). No idea if it is unique to us, but each Ordinariate will have slight variations.

    I believe you are inquiring about the Revised Common Lectionary. There is some variation in Anglican practice. It would seem some Anglican Lectionaries based on the Revised Lectionary currently use a similar two-year cycle – such as in Canada.


  3. The Church of England 1961 Table of Lessons, which the OCSP and OLSC office use as the basis for their office lectionaries, has a two year cycle for Sunday readings and a one year cycle for weekday readings.


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