Queen Katharine of Aragon

On January 7 died Queen Katharine of Aragon, first casualty, in  sense, of Henry VIII’s seizure of control over the English Church. Although little remarked upon to-day, there is a blog dedicated to her cause for beatification. A cultus of sorts prevails – ironically – around her tomb in the Anglican Cathedral of Peterborough. Perhaps one day her cause shall be taken up by either the local Catholic diocese of the UK Ordinariate. In any case, her example of faithful continuance in the Faith despite having no control over her own circumstances or the decisions made by the powerful in the Church is one that shall resonate with many. Itis also to be noted that her mother’s tragic life had an enormous impact upon her daughter, Queen Mary I. Often ridiculed as “Bloody Mary” for her harshness toward those who had assisted her father in wrenching England away from its religion and making her mother’s life miserable, it should be reflected upon that all but one’s of Henry VIII’s bishops defected when told to; all but one of Mary’s remained true, preferring prison or exile. That these appointments reflect to some degree Mary’s own nature is undoubted; at least  some of that must in turn have come to her from her mother. In any case, let us remember the souls of this tragic mother and daughter to God on this day.

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