Charles Gore – the Uncomfortable Bishop of Oxford.

JAnaury 17 is the day Charles Gore, sometime Bishop of Oxford, died in 1932. Although Anglo-Catholic, he could be quite liberal in theology, as well as anti-Papal. He was, however, a co-founder of the Mirfield Fathers – which has given the Church at least one illustrious convert, the late Msgr. Augustine Hoey, whom I had the honour to meet once, many years ago. But he also wrote a pamphlet attacking the 1930 Lambeth Council’s reversal on birth control.  As a defence of the traditional Christian teaching on contraception, it belongs next to “Humanae Vitae” or Halliday Sutherland’s “Birth Control.” For that alone he deserves some gratitude!

1 thought on “Charles Gore – the Uncomfortable Bishop of Oxford.

  1. Another illustrious —I hate to use the word “convert” but in this context it will have to do—is Msgr. Robert Mercer, CR, former Anglican Bishop of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe and former Bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada. We were so blessed to have this amazing man as our bishop. He is greatly responsible for my becoming Catholic because of what he taught, how he was as a person, and how he celebrated the liturgy. He prayed the Mass with such reverence and recollection that I, with my terrible wandering mind and attention difficulties, could hear every word and not only that, I had a sense we were lifted into the worship of heaven. I came into our parish from 10 years as an evangelical, in a Baptist Church, but his reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament conveyed volumes about Real Presence. He also loved Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and he was one of the main reasons we were all rooting for him in the Conclave of 2005.

    I recently got a letter from Msgr. Mercer in reply to my Christmas card, and he described the various assortment of folks spending Christmas with him at Mirfield. Alas, the place has left him behind, become a shadow of its former Anglo-Catholicism.


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