Catholic in the Ozarks looks at papal infallibility

Shane Schaetzel has an informative post over at Catholic in the Ozarks about papal infallibility.  He writes:

It seems to me that this current pontificate has managed to polarise certain extreme views in the Church concerning the papacy itself. While these polarisations have been present for some time, only recently have they become mainstream.

On the one hand, we have the Neo-ultramontanists who assert that the Pope is chosen by God in the papal conclave. He cannot err on anything of importance and therefore any criticism of him is an attack on the papacy itself and the Catholic faith in general. On the other hand, we have the Sedevacantists who hold to the position that the Pope has erred and therefore he cannot be the Pope anymore. Thus they assert that the Chair of St. Peter (the papacy) is vacant.

May I submit to you that both of these groups are nothing more than two manifestations of the exact same error. That error being “Hyper-Papalism” (my own description).

What is Hyper-Papalism?

Go on over to find out.

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