3 thoughts on “The podcast with Bishop Lopes is up

  1. Great interview! From Bp Lopes’ lips to God’s ears re: the Daily Office.

    Meanwhile, having no better place to post this, I have a liturgical-rubrical dubium on which I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion, if any.

    Given that: (a) Divine Worship is situated within the ordinary form of the Roman Rite (lectionary, calendar; cf. also Bp Lopes’ statements to this effect), and
    (b) in absence of the approved proper DW Daily Office, and aside from unofficial approximations of what that Office will look like, the “normal” office of the ordinary form is the post-1970 Liturgy of the Hours, and
    (c) the Ordinariate calendar and ordo has reinstated the season of Pre-Lent/Septuagesima, during which one traditionally omits Alleluia in the liturgy until Easter, but
    (d) the LOTH knows nothing of this and continues to prescribe Alleluias during Pre-Lent:

    How would one deal with antiphons, responsories etc. in the LOTH that contain the “Alleluia” and occur during Pre-Lent? Would you omit all the Alleluias ad-lib, or follow the general rubrics, our proper calendar notwithstanding?


  2. Bishop Lopes quoting his then-bishop of San Francisco: “Well now, that [theology of the sacraments] or anything else at Sant’Anselmo is so low on my list of interests it’s hardly worth discussing.” This is a fascinating statement on so many levels!


  3. Excellent job, Deborah! You posed helpful questions. Bishop Lopes is good at going to the core of an issue, even when speaking off the cuff. So I suspect you found it a pleasant interview. But it’s clear you did your homework, as the expression goes, before the interview. Much appreciated!
    One possible clarification: Bishop Lopes referred to San Gregorio in Velabro. But did he mean to say San Giorgio in Velabro? Or is there a San Gregorio in Velabro?
    Br. John-Bede Pauley, O.S.B.


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