Anglican and Catholic? A video Reflection

Are the “Anglican” Ordinariates true or false ecumenism? The following great video from Holy Faith TV (12 mins) is a reflection on the topic:

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4 Responses to Anglican and Catholic? A video Reflection

  1. Robert says:

    Awesome !!! I agree with you !!


  2. Rev22:17 says:

    Whether the subscribers to Holy Faith TV like this fact or not, the ordinariates are the model proposed by the magisterium of the Catholic Church for reconciliation not only of Christians who come from the Anglican tradition, but also for those who come from various Protestant traditions. In the Catholic Church, a decision by the magisterium does not require endorsement of hard-core Traditionalists accept that decision or not. Rather, the matter is settled.

    Then again, I have long held the personal opinion that many hard-core Traditionalists have fallen into heresy and thus ceased to be Catholic. Rejection of the ecclesiological doctrine that the Second Vatican Council articulated infallibly in the dogmatic constitution Lumen gentium, which many of the most hard-core Traditionalists do, constitutes heresy.

    Personally, I look forward with eager anticipation to the formation of ordinariates for those who come from the Lutheran tradition and the “Reformed” tradition, for example, that would substantially retain their current liturgical uses and other pastoral traditions. We might even see ordinariates for those who come from the Evangelical Protestant tradition, which probably would use substantially the ordinary form of the Roman Rite because it does not have a rite of its own but would have a lot to share with many of our dioceses about effective preaching and pastoral practice.



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