VIDEO: Answering Misunderstandings to the ‘Anglican’ Ordinariates

After Pope Benedict established the Personal Ordinariates 5 years ago, some Catholics still do not get it. Created for groups of Anglicans asking for union with the Catholic Church, but open to all Catholics- or as Pope Benedict described it “A gift for all”- some still have misconceptions.

With this in mind the A.C. Society blog was greatly honoured when Holy Faith TV specifically made a video for us answering some objections Catholics have regarding the Anglican Patrimony, married clergy and one some Traditionalists have: the establishment of a new Western Liturgy.


You can also check out other Holy Faith TV videos regarding the Ordinariates:

Former Anglican Clergyman now married Catholic priest, Fr John Hodgins, explains: the Personal Ordinariates, clerical celibacy, stumbling blocks to becoming Catholic and more. Basically everything you need to know.  

And another one exploring if the Personal Ordinariates are true ecumenism or not.

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