Francis @ Five debate and the Church’s future

Salt and Light TV carried a recent debate between Villanova theology professor Massimo Faggioli and New York Times columnist Ross Douthat online and you can still watch it here on their website.

Douthat, in his opening remarks, raised concerns that Pope Francis was possibly introducing an Anglican style approach to doctrine, where the teaching on communion after divorce and remarriage for example, is different in Warsaw and Berlin.

Faggioli has become the go-to theologian for the mainstream media in the Pope Francis era.  He opened by saying the papacy was not about Pope Francis, but about Jesus, and that to come closer to Jesus demands discontinuity.   Anyway, I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Another thing I found interesting in the debate is Douthat’s contention that Pope Francis has challenged the John Paul II and Benedict XVI consensus on the interpretation of the documents of the Second Vatican Council as in continuity with with the constant teaching of the Church.  He believes Francis’ is pushing view of rupture that is hurting the JPII consensus, and consequently pushing more and more people into a traditionalist paradigm.


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