The Statistics of the Ordinariates

Curious regarding the statistics of your Personal Ordinariate? Well the A.C. Society blog has a rough guide.

The website Catholic Hierarchy has access to the A.P. statistics reports dioceses, and other structures in the Catholic Church, send off to the Vatican- often infrequently. The statistic links for the 3 Ordinariates, for 2012-2014, are as follows:

Our Lady of Walsingham

Chair of St Peter

Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Things to Know (as of 10/02/2018):

Communities: Since the last 2014 numbers extra Ordinariate parishes have been added, and this does not include current communities wishing to join the Ordinariate. Also the numbers do not include mainstream Roman Rite Catholics who attend Ordinariate Masses.

Clergy: The number of priests did not include those converting Anglican clergy who were in formation (like my current parish priest), or seminarians who have been ordained. Examples of both are the ten clergy Ordained in the UK last year.

Religious Orders: The foundation and recognition of a religious order in the Catholic Church is a long process indeed. Although there are a handful of orders of male and female religious, like the Gilbertines and the Servants of the Sacred Cross, as they are still going through the recognition process their members do not show up in the statistics regarding numbers of religious.

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