Liturgical Prof Hans-Jurgen Feulner on Divine Worship

OLSC Event Poster

We at the Principal Parish of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross have been blessed to have two talks this week by Professor Hans-Jungen Feulner, a liturgy professor who was one the Vatican working group that put together the Ordinariates Divine Worship liturgy. The talks were attended by laity and clergy from both inside and outside the Ordinariate.

The talks focused on the history of Divine Worship, how it is a ‘3rd Form of the Roman Rite’ and the various liturgical options in the appendix of the missal to accommodate the diverse Anglo-Catholic liturgies used by different communities that later became Ordinariate parishes.

The sessions were mainly question driven and ended up covering subjects including the difference between a Liturgical Rite (like the Ambrosian Rite of Milan and those used by Religious Orders) and a Liturgical Use of the Roman Rite, how Divine Worship is not “The Extraordinary Form in English”: as not only is it not a translation of the Tridentine, it contains prayers particular to the Anglican tradition. Also covered was even though the Sarum liturgy is a major influence in Divine Worship, it is also not the Sarum Use in English.

After the second talk I took the opportunity to mention how the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society blog could do with some articles containing his insights- hopefully that request will bear some fruit.

1 thought on “Liturgical Prof Hans-Jurgen Feulner on Divine Worship

  1. It would indeed be a most interesting read. It would also be interesting to know the current situation regarding the Divine Worship Daily Office, and the book of personal devotions etc that was mentioned at one time – I assume that this will be in the line of the Anglo-Catholic Prayer Book, St Swithun’s Prayer Book and A Manual of Catholic Devotion here in the UK and the St Augustine’s Prayer Book in the USA. An Ordinariate equivalent would be a wonderful way of introducing the Patrimony, and I do remember it being mentioned a while ago, but there has been nothing since.


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