Ordinariate parish written up in National Catholic Register

Peter Jesserer Smith of the National Catholic Register filed a story entitled Starter Parishes: The Gospel Alive in North America  that includes an interview with our Anglicanorum coetibus Society board member and webmaster Shane Schaetzel.

Here’s an excerpt:

Daily Office to Divine Worship

Deep in the Bible Belt, St. George’s Catholic community meets in Republic, Missouri, for Mass and parish fellowship every Sunday, with evening prayer, adult catechesis and Bible study offered throughout the week.


Shane Schaetzel, a founding parishioner of St. George, told the Register that the community has already outgrown its chapel, at an old Franciscan retreat center called the Little Portion, and has to seat people in the kitchen for Mass. The congregation has grown from a handful of persons, mainly Anglicans who had become Catholic, who started out 10 years ago by gathering together to pray Evening Prayer and enjoy fellowship in the hopes of becoming an ordinariate community in southern Missouri, to a few dozen faithful.


The Anglicanorum Coetibus Society, of which Schaetzel serves as a board member, is seeing different groups form that want to start a Catholic community of believers nourished by the English spiritual patrimony. Some are former Anglicans, Episcopalians and Methodists, and some are Catholics spiritually fed by this restored English-Catholic patrimony who want to gather around prayer and fellowship — but, ultimately, whether they succeed depends on God’s grace, their own efforts to evangelize and official approval by the ordinariate’s bishop, Steven Lopes, to start a parish mission.


Go on over and read the whole piece!

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