Charles A. Coulombe on the Ordinariates

Our own Charles A. Coulombe is interviewed on On the Menu on the Ordinariates for Anglicans in full communion with the Catholic Church.

He talks about the significant role they can play in evangelizazing the Anglosphere.

Also on how they bring together both recusant English Catholicism and Anglican patrimony.



1 thought on “Charles A. Coulombe on the Ordinariates

  1. My friend Peter Murphy just wrote this on Facebook, and I thought it was pertinent to Charles’ comment in the video about Irish Catholics.
    Peter writes:
    “Thought for the day: By suppresing the Irish language and imposing the English, in Ireland, the English administration opened the doors to the spread of Catholicism to every corner of the British Empire. Had this not occured, there would arguably be no such thing as English-speaking Catholicism. So the Lebanese Catholic immigrant Hunnah Abroiham, arriving in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1900, rather than “assimilating” as “John Patrick O’Brien”” and speaking English to his customers, would probably have called himself Jean-Baptiste Brun and peddled in Cap-Pele rather than Upham.”


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