The utopianism behind redefinitions of reality–a video by Rev. Gavin Ashendon

The former Honorary Chaplain to the Queen, Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashendon, a British Anglican now with a Continuing Anglican jurisdiction, is popular among many Ordinariate members.

I came across this  article and link to a video in which he talks about utopian  impulses behind totalitarian trends in the west that all seem to be for benign causes to force the redefinition of terms that describe our biological reality and it’s givenness.

The strange thing is, the effect of being just and kind and generous and protective to the small minorities is to begin to undo marriage. Then when you listened to them, they give it away… A famous Canadian author said we don’t want marriage, we don’t like marriage. We only want it because we’re setting out to destroy it…

She said the whole point of the campaign to extend marriage to the gay community is not because we want to be married, but because we want, having got marriage, to destroy it.

How do you destroy it? You destroy marriage by breaking the link between children and parents… The ungluing of society through this second wagon takes place by destroying the relationship between parents and children.

Welcome to my world.  This is the kind of thing I document in Canada in my work as a journalist.  Recently, I reported on this story about a directive given to a government agency that helps Canadians with government services such as obtaining passports. 

Service Canada’s directive to employees to use gender neutral language met with derision in social media, but some Catholic observers say the move represents a dangerous trend.

The directive, revealed by Radio Canada Mar. 21, instructed those who help with passports and other government services to use a persons’ first and last name without honorifics like Mr. or Ms. It also told employees not to use specific terms such as mother or father but to use the word ‘parent’ instead.

The directive was ridiculed by Conservatives in the House of Commons as akin to the Prime Minister’s use of “peoplekind” to correct a young woman’s use of the word “mankind” in a townhall earlier this year.

Is Reality and our human nature given and something we discover?   Or is reality malleable according to the force of our will, or through the will exemplified government power?   I’m afraid those who say “my will be done” and let’s use the levers of state power to enforce it are in the ascendency.


1 thought on “The utopianism behind redefinitions of reality–a video by Rev. Gavin Ashendon

  1. This is a trick they learned from communism — to destroy existing (natural) culture in order to create a clean slate (or AKA state of total chaos), so that — theoretically — a new (and unnatural) utopia can be built without the risk of more attractive rivals luring people back into the old ways. Of course, as the communist experiment has shown, human nature being what it is, we never get to to the building of utopia, we only get the destruction that results in an increasingly nightmarish dystopia. A fact readily apparent to anyone who reads the daily news. But this truth — that cultural totalitarianism (including the LGBTXYZ variety) has as its goal the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of our culture — is one that needs to be much more widely disseminated, argued, exposed.


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