Patrimonial Memes for Ordinariate Teens


P, P is for Patrimony!

In today’s Ordinariate news, we look at how some of these newfangled young people in the Ordinariates have been abusing their access to the interwebs.

Patrimonial Memes for Ordinariate Teens is… well… about Memes to do with the Patrimony (?)… for teens in the Ordinariates… (actually it is just because the name rhyme- Ordinariate Memes for all ages).


(From a scence from Despicable Me)

The page creates its own Memes with the goal of a new one once or twice a week, except when they shamelessly steal other Catholic Memes like below (actually they do credit sources):


(Star Wars reference)


Some of the Memes have been known to cover current events of interest to the Ordinariates:


(Referencing a popular Anime cartoon, the joke is how things like “gender inclusive language is driving people out the Episcopalian church)

Patrimonial Memes for Ordinariate Teens takes submissions…. possibly (I did like zero research for this article-): the best way to find out is to create one and submit it to the page and see what happens (edit- they do).

In the future do not be surprised if this blog showcases some of the “Dankest Memes” on offer from our newest, and most welcome, addition to Ordinariate media.

Keep Memeing and Dreaming people.


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