For the Honour of God, The Sacrifice of Bl. Adrian Fortescue

Bl. Adrian Fortescue (2)

Sir Adrian Fortescue was well favored by King Henry VIII whom he faithfully served under arms. He was additionally honoured by his own cousin, Anne Boleyn, he was present when she was crowned as Queen in 1533. But Adrian held close and never lost sight of the Honour of God. 

In 1539 he was attainted of High Treason without trial, by an Act of Parliament. Sir Adrian Fortescue was beheaded on Tower Hill, London on Wednesday 9 July 1539.

The Order of St. John of Jerusalem has considered Sir Adrian as a martyr and has promoted devotion to him at least since the early seventeenth century as a member of the Order. Pope Leo XIII declared him Blessed on 13 May 1895. His Book of Hours with his Maxims is extant  and was recently presented to the Grand Priory of the order of St. John of England (aka, The Order of Malta) by his descendants.

Maxims of Blessed Adrian Fortescue

* Above all things love God with all thy heart.

* Desire His honour more than the health of your own soul.

* Take heed often with all diligence to purge and cleanse thy mind with Confession, and raise thy desire from earthly things.

* Receive Communion with entire devotion.

* Repute not thyself better than any other person, be they never so great sinners, but rather judge and esteem yourself most simplest.

* Judge the best.

* Use much silence, but when thou needs must, speak.

* Delight not in familiarity of persons unknown to thee.

* Be solitary as much as it is convenient with thine estate.

* Banish from thee all judging an detraction, and especially from thy tongue.

* Pray often.

* Also enforce thee to set thy house at quietness.

* Resort to God at every hour.

* Advance not thy words or deeds by any pride.

* Be not too much familiar, but show a serious and prudent countenance with gentleness.

* Show before all people a good example of virtues.

* Be no partial for favor, lucre or malice, but accordig to truth, equity, justice and reasons.

* Give fair language to all persons, and especially the poor and needy.

* Also be diligent in giving of alms.

* In prosperity be meek of heart, and in adversity patient

* And pray continually to God that you may do what is His pleasure.

* Also apply diligently the co-operations of the Holy Ghost whatever thou hast therin to do.

* Pray for perserverace.

* Continue in awe of God, and ever have Him before thine eyes.

* Renew every day thy good purpose.

* What thou has to do, do it diligently.

* Establish thyself always in well-doing.

* If by chance you fall into sin, despair not; and if you keep these precepts, the Holy Spirit will strengthen you in all other things necessary, and, thus doing, you shall be with Christ in Heaven, to Whom be glory, laud, honour, and praise everlasting.

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1 thought on “For the Honour of God, The Sacrifice of Bl. Adrian Fortescue

  1. THANK you Mark for the posting on Blessed Adrian. I had not heard of him prior to this. What a wonderful Martyr for his deep, deep, Catholic Faith. THANK YOU.


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