The Monarchy and the Bishopesses

While I still very much desire to see the revived shrine of St. David in the Welsh Cathedral that bears his name, as well as the Queen’s stall as a canon of the Cathedral (such Royal canonries were once common in Europe – the Holy Roman Emperor had and the French Heads of State and the Kings of Spain still have them; Felipe VI just asserted his right to one of them last year), I do hope to avoid meeting the new Bishopess. At least she seems pleased with herself! No doubt the new Bishopess of London – and Deanette of the Chapels Royal, when Bishops Chartres retires from that position – does as well. It is interesting, however, that Chartres shall be staying on as Dean “for the time-being.” It will be interesting to see is Her Ladyship of London does indeed replace him, or if the Deanery is separated definitively from the Diocese – for the first time since 1748. The Queen has accepted female chaplains since 1996, which has been seen as Her Majesty’s endorsement of the ordination of women. It remains to be seen if Chartres’ retention of his post reflects theological views – or a mere prference for his company; he is known to be popular among the Royal Family. We are a long way from the time of the sainted Graham Leonard.

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