News of the Anglican Patrimony Conference

31129390_10104406553563620_3834307408981655552_n (1)Christopher Mahon, a director of the Anglicanorum coetibus Society, attended the Anglican Patrimony Conference at Oxford, and will provide a full report when he returns.  He is shown here with Msgr. Robert Mercer, and our former president and Society director David Murphy on the right.

Meanwhile, he sent me this link of a talk by Fr. Gavin Ashendon, an Anglican clergyman who was Honorary Chaplain to the Queen until 2017 on a matter of urgent importance not only to Christians but the entire western world.

The talk is entitled:  Secularism & the Church of England: The Future For Orthodox Anglicans Committed to the Gospel and the Catholicity of the Church.

At the link, there is both audio and the text.

Go on over and read the whole thing.  Here’s an excerpt:

Stephen Rutt referred to Professor Jordan Peterson as an interpreter of the struggle, and he is lucidly clear that we are facing a totalitarian challenge that seriously threatens both democracy and freedom of speech. And without freedom of speech, our opportunity to share the Gospel is seriously circumscribed.

He with others, calls it ‘Cultural Marxism’, and warns and demonstrates how ambitious it is and how dangerous it is.

He is not a Christian, but rather a sympathetic fellow traveler; a Jungian with the qualities of  both the clarity of thought and personal courage.

Every so often Google sends me an alert if my name is spotted by its search engine in the news.

Not long ago, the Toronto Globe and Mail published an article about me, ridiculing me for what I had written about ‘Cultural Marxism’. “This idiot has made it up”, the scornful journalist said, “he is empty headed fool. Marx wrote nothing about gender or sexual ethics. There is no such thing as cultural Marxism.”

Only in the most superficial sense was he right. Marx was determined to bring in a form of social egalitarianism by force based on the struggle of the proletariat and a particular reading of economics.


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