Hodie in Historia Ecclesia Anglicana

On this sad and lamentable day in AD 1533, Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, declared King Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon null and void. Five days later on May 28, Cranmer would declare King Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne Boleyn valid. This tripwire action would initiate schism, martyrdom and countless sufferings in the English-speaking world.

Image result for Catherine of Aragon

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Mark J. Kelly is a Teacher, Writer and Ph. D. Candidate (Humanities). He is a veteran, senior non-Commissioned Officer. In over 30 years of military service (20 Active, 10 drilling Reservist) he has instructed civilians and military, both foreign and domestic, on five continents. Mr. Kelly has published numerous print articles and media content concerning history, culture, biblical typology and theology. Mr. Kelly remains a congenital autodidact and an active member of the Order of Malta.

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