OLSC 6th Birthday, with a Present!

Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Today is the 6th anniversary of the foundation of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, another high point after the historic Ordination of our first Torres Strait Islander member of the clergy, Kopel Gibuma: with more ordinations on the way.

It was quite fitting that today we got the news of the generous donation from the State Council of the Knights of the Southern Cross (Western Australia) to the Ordinariate’s seminary fund (as we have a number, with a number of applications). The Knights support for the Ordinariate is a witness to the greater unity of the Catholic Church, and is a sign the Ordinariate has laid down roots in the wider-Catholic Church in Australia. Indeed there is a number of Ordinariate members who are also Knights of the Southern Cross (another sign of “United but not Absorbed” with the wider Church).

If you would like to wish the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, you could consider making a donation to our Seminarian Fund:


Or buying an Icon from our webstore:


3 thoughts on “OLSC 6th Birthday, with a Present!

  1. A very happy birthday indeed to all the members of OLSC.
    As one who has prayed for a long time for the Torres Strait islanders becoming Catholics through and in the Ordinariate I am very pleased indeed to see the information regarding Deacon Kopel Gibuma’s ordination, and wish him well. I am curious, though, to see your wording ‘with more ordinations on the way’. My understanding was that the Church of Torres Strait, for its own reasons, had decided not to persevere with the Ordinariate, so I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to know more about the other Torres Strait seminarians and which islands will be getting an Ordinariate presence. Can anyone out there help?
    Meanwhile, here in the UK, there is a large Ordinariate priestly ordination on 30 June at the Oratory in Birmingham – the home of Blessed John Henry Newman – and the day before, the two Gilbertine brothers in Calgary, Canada, are to be priested. a glorious Petertide for all the Ordinariates. Ad multos annos!


    • Hello Jeff- the other ordinations on the way (i.e. next 1-2 years) are not Torres Strait Islanders, but are of seminarians of other backgrounds


      • Thanks for clearing things up. Its still good news, and one never knows, as the Ordinariate grows there MAY be other Torres Strait islanders who want to be part of it. Here’s hoping and praying.


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