The Return of the Gilbertines

On July 7, Brother Robert-Charles Bengry and Brother Sean-Patrick Beahen will be ordained to the Sacred Priesthood by Bishop Lopes. This is an historic day, not only in the life of the Ordinariate but in that of the Church as a whole, since it is a milestone in the life of the reborn Gilbertine Order. They are inspired by the original order, founded in 1131 by St. Gilbert of Semprigham – the only order of Canons Regular founded in England and confined to that country. The original order came to an end with the dissolution of the monasteries, despite the miraculous deeds of the founder.  For some time there has been interest in a number of different quarters in the revival of Gilbertine spirituality May all interested in such efforts find a rallying point in the new foundation in Calgary.

5 thoughts on “The Return of the Gilbertines

  1. I’m guessing 11131 is supposed to read 1131. 11131 sounds more like the year we will finally have our Daily Office released under the Pontificate of Francis MCXVIII.


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