How you can support the Church and Pro-Life


For it’s new “Pro-Life action policy”, Real Estate for Life has added the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross to their list of organisations it supports: both organisations are recent fruits of the New Evangelisation: but what does real estate and Anglicans that came into union with Rome have to do with the Pro-Life movement?

When Pope Paul VI wrote his prophetic 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae in support of human life against birth control pills (use of which would later see the rise abortion, euthanasia and pornography) there was already a crack in the dam. The Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion in 1930 had gone against the ancient Christian ban of birth control: the Anglo-Catholic communities which went on to enter union with the Catholic Church through the Personal Ordinariates knew all too well the reasons for the teaching as they saw once full and vibrant congregations whither away, and marriages fail.

Part of the growing pains that all three Ordinariates are still going through is financial- despite this our ministries contribute far more to the wider Catholic Church than our numbers would suggest. One area of ministry the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross (OLSC) is passionate about is the Pro-Life movement, in the tradition of the Anglo-Catholic slum priests helping the most vulnerable in society. Little did we know that OLSC’s new ‘Pro-Life action policy’ would allow the opportunity for Ordinariate supporters, on three continents, to give much needed financial help- and at no cost to them.

Enter Real Estate for Life: a non-for-profit international Pro-Life charity with over 900 agents in the English Speaking world. People looking to buy or sell real estate contact them and they refer you onto one of their agents, and in turn donate apart of their fee to a Pro-Life cause of your choice at no cost to you: and this now includes the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. The donation is a referral fee the agent pays, and it works out roughly as $1000 for every $150,000 of the transaction. The real estate agents work for commercial agencies throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and more1: meaning members and supporters of the Personal Ordinariates’ who are buying and selling property can help the Ordinariate cause at no cost to them.

Proceeds from these donations are earmarked towards OLSC’s Australia-wide multi-staged Pro-Life action plan with a focus on supporting Catholic groups who do pregnancy assistance (mainly involving on-going support after the baby is born), and OLSC’s seminary fund. Most of OLSC’s much needed next generation of clergy are young laymen going through 7 years of seminary formation, which is quite costly. In their formation our seminarians will receive training, to have a good knowledge and keep up to date with Pro-Life issues.

Anglo-Catholicism has always had a major focus on evangelical charity and assisting those in need. The women would use Pro-Life services are often alone and with few resources- for all Pro-Abortion activists talk about “choice” the reality is that many women and adolescent females have terminations as they are pressured into it by either their partners or parents who do not wish to support their child or grand-child. Many of those who use Pro-Life services had to walk away from loved ones to save the life of their unborn child.

Sadly the Pro-Abortion side receives astronomic amounts of money, including government funding: where the Pro-Life cause in comparison receives only a tiny fraction- more akin to guerillas taking on a super power. This is the genius of Real Estate for Life, as it provides desperately needed funding to organisations doing Pro-Life work.

So if you are buying or selling real estate we hope you might consider using Real Estate for Life and supporting the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross as we proclaim the Gospel of Christ- and the Gospel of Life.

1 The full list of countries with Real Estate for Life agents: Belize, Canada, U.S.A., Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania

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