Bishop Lopes visits St. Alban’s Fellowship in Rochester, New York

Some folks at the Ordinariate community of St. Alban’s Fellowship in Rochester, New York, have asked me to post about Bishop Steven Lopes visit there at the end of August.

Over at their website, there are many videos of the occasion which you might enjoy watching.

We are profoundly blessed to have our Bishop Steven Lopes with us at the Fellowship of St. Alban from Aug. 25-26, as well as Bishop Salvatore Matano who strongly reaffirmed his praise for our ministry and contribution to the life of the Church in Rochester.

We had 82 people at our first-ever Meet the Ordinariate Night with Bishop Lopes, and more than 100 people join us for the Pontifical Mass. Many thanks to Bernie Dick for recording these events, and posting them so quickly. We thank God for our Bishop and his encouragement to continue in our ardor to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Rochester area.

Here is Bishop Lopes’ Keynote address from Meet the Ordinariate Night: “The Ordinariate, Mutual Enrichment, and the New Evangelization.”

We also had a testimonial from Dr. Andrew Jordan, a founding member of our community and former Anglican.

We had another testimonial from Dominick Zarcone, explaining how St. Alban’s Fellowship has enriched his own Catholic life and relationship with Jesus.

There’s more over at St. Alban’s Fellowship’s website.  Enjoy!

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