The English Catholicism Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Last year I organised a lecture series (in Perth, Australia) on the great Anglo-Catholic convert G.K. Chesterton, to help promote the Ordinariate and the local Ordinariate parish- this year it is the “English Catholicism Series”.

What do the Ordinariates have to offer the Catholic Church? Is a major theme of the Lecture Series, with most talks being aimed towards a general Catholic audience, but whose topic is never far from the Ordinariate. As a matter of history we look at the last time a large wave of Anglo-Catholics entered the Catholic Church which lead to a Golden Age in English Catholicism: whose key figures such as Newman and Chesterton are household names in mainstream English speaking Catholicism. As a matter of substance we look at not just the Anglo-Catholic liturgy of the Ordinariates, but also its Spirituality, Saints and way of doing Theology. And as a matter of fact we look at how these treasures are not just an academic matters of history but a living tradition that is heart of the Ordinariates which exist here and now that you can partake in. So we look at the shared treasures between the Ordinariates and the wider English speaking Catholicism, and treasures yet to be shared.

The plan is to have more such lecture series, including in other cities in Australia.

Such events in my opinion are crucial  to spreading the word about the Ordinariates, so the question is: can your Ordinariate community organise a Lecture Series of its own? Only two of the speakers are from the OLSC Ordinariate, the other four are mainstream Catholics who are friends of the Ordinariate with overlapping interests- one of which is visiting Perth. My advice is get active, get out there and make some friends.

(Also to answer the question the talks will not be recorded for public release- only for the use of Ordinariate seminarians).


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