Anglicanorum coetibus Society AGM 2018

20180916_112634_HDRWe held the Anglicanorum coetibus Society’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday, Sept. 16 at the school on the campus of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

At the AGM, we affirmed the re-election of three Board members:  David Murphy who is based in Germany but belongs to the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham; Hans-Jurgen Feulner, a liturgical scholar from Austria for participated on the international commission that developed Divine Worship: the Misssal; and Fr. Stephen Hill, a priest from Australia and the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.

We also approved the minutes, and financial reports that were sent out to members in advance.

20180916_121450Though we invited participants to join us over internet and telephone conferencing, no one did so this year.  But thanks to the members who sent in proxies and ballots we had more than enough to meet our legal requirements for a quorum.

41851229_533550557090058_8269368004077158400_nAfter the AGM, the Board of Directors met, and this year seven of us where there in person.   Here is our secretary Christopher Mahon from Toronto, Ontario, and Clara Chung our Vice President from Orange County, California.  Beyond them is our treasurer Joe Blake and our editor of Shared Treasure, David Burt.

Here I am holding forth on something, with Bill Tighe, a historian from Mullenburg College in Allentown Pennsylvania.


Also present were Fr. Eric Bergman, rector of St. Thomas More, our chaplain and our host.


Joe Blake our treasurer drove up from Bethlehem, Pennsylania.

20180916_113432And David Burt, our editor of Shared Treasure was present.  At the coffee hour after Mass on Sunday, he offered hard copies of various editions of our journal for sale.


Members of the Society have access to all edition of Shared Treasure in the members only section of our website.

We have a new issue coming out soon, and several important articles in the pipeline for future issues.   David, however, would like to step down as editor, so if you have an interest in taking this important job on, or in helping write for, edit or proofread our scholarly journal, please let us know!

David Burt has been working for several years on revising the Anglican Use Gradual he produced in 2006, published by Partridge Press, that some of our parishes, including St. Thomas More in Scranton, use for their choir.  He will be publishing soon the revised edition.

The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, meanwhile, will be publishing a Gradual for Sundays and Solemnities to go with Divine Worship: the Missal.

There is a third Gradual project underway in the United Kingdom.

As for our meeting in Scranton, it was great to meet in person, and we had a lot of fun.



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