Divine Worship Form Mass in Tampa, FL on Monday September 24th, 7pm

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you won’t want to miss the first Ordinariate Form Mass ever at Epiphany of Our Lord parish this coming Monday evening in honour of Our Lady of Walsingham’s feast day, said by none other than Fr Edwin Palka, who says two Latin Masses according to the 1962 Missal daily at Epiphany in Tampa each morning, so we trust he will be using the Traditional Options.

(You may recognise Fr Palka’s name in connexion with a series of articles he wrote for a well-known Catholic news source regarding the sex abuse crisis.)

Credit must also be given to Mr. Steven Rabanal who, as an instituted acolyte of the Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter, helped instruct Fr Palka on the peculiarities of our Mass that set it apart from either of the other two forms of the Roman Rite. Mr. Anders Bergmann, whose daughter was baptised at Incarnation Catholic Church, is the director of music at Epiphany, and directing Epiphany’s polyphonic Schola choir I am sure will provide a musical experience to the congregation there present well in keeping with our proud Patrimonial Heritage.

This Mass was requested by a canonical member of the Ordinariate and friend of mine whose wife was also baptised at Incarnation Catholic Church in Orlando, there being no Ordinariate priest available closer than Orlando (2-3 hr drive). Unable to swing the commute each week, this couple has brought the third Form of the Roman Rite to Tampa–on an occasional basis for now. We hope to film this historic event. Return here for updates…

For those who can’t be there, a taste of what you’re missing:


Indeed, the Ordinariates and their members do exist to evangelise.

3 thoughts on “Divine Worship Form Mass in Tampa, FL on Monday September 24th, 7pm

    • Dear EPMS,
      While I hope everyone interested in both liturgy and the Ordinariates attends, to my knowledge, the canonical member (besides myself, since I also wrote Fr Palka) who first requested the Mass has not had a chance to connect with the Interest group, none of whom are canonical members, to my knowledge. I am not aware of Deacon Hodil’s involvement either. Not living in the Tampa area at the moment, I have not played a direct role in the planning except to introduce certain people together.
      In Christ by His Grace, Dr. Lerner


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