Anglican tradition spreads in New England

The Anglican tradition is putting down new roots in New Haven, Connecticut, bolstering the Catholic Church in the area.

While evensong has been held monthly by the group known as the Ordinariate Fellowship of CT, their first mass has been announced, both on this blog and elsewhere online, for September 29th.ee076-banner

Further masses are now being announced, and the group has even been featured recently in New Liturgical Movement and the National Catholic Register. As one of the group’s young organizers, Sarah Rodeo, so aptly puts it, “The liturgy must be good, true and beautiful, because the God we worship is good, true and beautiful.”

The first mass will be followed by a second on Saturday, October 27th, and then by masses on November 3rd, and December 11th. Each of these Saturday evening masses will be in the Anglican Use and will take place at 6:30pm at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, New Haven.

The choral masses will be sung by a professional quartet and will feature traditional Anglican hymns, Anglican chant psalms, English plainsong, and English polyphony.

There is one other centre of Anglican Catholicism in New England, the joint parish community of St Athanasius & St Gregory the Great in Boston. But as the group notes, “The celebration of these Masses is the culmination of the efforts the Ordinariate Fellowship of Connecticut, a group of people looking to establish a church of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter in CT.

The Catholic Church is blessed by the efforts of such small but growing groups, and it’s great to see their efforts bearing fruit. This new Ordinariate Fellowship of Connecticut is rightly attracting more and more interest as they begin their regular choral masses.

Further information can be found on their Facebook group.

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