Noveritis Announcement of Easter and the Moveable Feasts: Chants Available in English

No doubt some of you may have read Fr Z’s (former Lutheran priest) recent blog post regarding the Noveritis, traditionally chanted at Epiphany making known the key dates in the new church year.

Not to fear, Ordinariate Catholics! has the Ordinariate covered with its chant version in English. The pdf is linked here.

Come now, you musically gifted lovers of Tradition and Patrimony: Get your pastor’s permission and go for it! (The OF and Divine Worship permit a layman to sing it. I am unsure about the EF.)

Also, regarding the pdf above, (This was helpfully brought to my attention by Steven Rabanal) per Divine Worship: The Missal, which specifically provides for an hieratic English Noveritis, one must use “brethren” rather than “brothers and sisters”.

A Happy Christmas, and a Very Revealing Epiphany to all!



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