The latest Portal Magazine is out!

The Portal, the magazine of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, has published its February issue.  You can either click on the link, or scroll down on the side of the blog to our Portal Magazine button and choose the form you wish to download.

Here’s the Table of Contents to whet your appetite.

Page 3 Three New Deacons – Keith Brown reports
Page 4 Mob bullying & homosexuality – Joanna Bogle
Page 5 The Ordinariate way – Snapdragon
Page 6 Balancing Act – Julia Beacroft
Page 7 Sister Marie Thérèse – Ronald Crane
Page 9 Peace Sunday – Fr Ashley Beck
Page 10 Thoughts on Newman – Revd Dr Stephen Morgan
Page 11 Anglican News – The Revd Paul Benfield
Page 12 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries
– Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane
Page 14 Finding us at prayer – in England, Scotland and Wales
Page 16 The Ordinary’s Diary
Page 17 The Aventine Hill – Donato Tallo
Page 18 Two mins from the Skripals’!
– Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane
Page 20 Aid to the Church in Need – Josué Villaión
Page 21 Epiphany Carols – Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane
Page 22 Anoint and cheer our soiléd face – Fr Michael Halsall
Page 23 Apologia Pro Beata Maria Virgine
– a review by Simon Dennerly
Page 24 Is all well at the Vatican? – Geoffrey Kirk
Page 24 Dowry Tour of Our Lady of Walsingham

Take a look at Snapdragon’s article on “The Ordinariate Way” on the relationship of priest and people in the running of parishes, one that avoids the extreme of a priest who calls all the shots at the expense of “infantilizing” his parishioners; or congregationalism where the people call all the shots.

Here’s an excerpt:

At its heart is the formula of “priest and people together”. It was a real step forward for the church. A step in the battle between clericalism and congregationalism yes, but also a step forward for ecumenism. Others talk about ecumenism; we in the Ordinariate have actually done it!
But the Ordinariate has a real job to do in bringing gems of the Anglican Church into the Catholic Church. The object of my scorn at the beginning of this piece is not how Anglican Churches are meant to be run. The real Anglican way is “Priest and People together”.

The Ordinariate is not merely a source of clergy for hard-pressed dioceses, nor is it a group of pushy laity bent on telling clergy how to behave. It is truly priest
and people together. This is the patrimony we ought to bring into the Catholic Church.

Liturgy is important, of course it is. Here we are blessed with Divine Worship and the Customary. But patrimony is not just about liturgy. We need to work much harder in following the lead of Anglicanorum coetibus. Here priest and people are seen to be important together. We have the Governing Council of priests, but we also have the Pastoral Council of lay people.

The former has only clergy members, and the latter is advisory at present. Maybe one day the Governing Council will include laity and the Pastoral Council will
have definitive responsibilities, who knows?

And we can rename it Vestry!

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